• Cinderella


Production Information

Wednesday 3 August 2005 to Saturday 6 August 2005 (4 performances)
at Hampton Hill Theatre, 90 High Street, Hampton Hill, United Kingdom

Do you think you know the story of Cinderella? Wicked stepmother, nasty stepsisters, handsome prince, fairy godmother? In this version of the classic fairy tale there are some alternative characters alongside the familiar and the events of the story are influenced by a modern Cinderella who realises what a girl really needs may not be a handsome prince after all.

"This spunky, radical version of the story produces one of the strongest, funniest and most effective pieces of children's theatre seen in years. Paterson's Cinderella is a prime example of his work, plundering the traditional fairy-tale material for it's most potent symbols, and yet challenging the assumptions on which it rests." --- Guardian

by Stuart Paterson

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Role Name
Isabella (Cinderella)Caity Mayall
ClaudiaStephanie Mott
FatherAnnie Brett (Adam)
ClaudineAnnie Kanani
ClaudetteAshlea Macliesh
Sergeant PuffAmy Cherry
CallumMichael Bishop
Black DouglasJoshua Duhigg
Prince RufusSam Stotesbury
Fairy GodmotherStephanie Mott
King JohnAnnie Brett (Adam)
Dancing BearMichael Bishop
GuardJoshua Duhigg
Kitchen WorkerTom Addley-Pickford
Jenna Powell
Joshua Duhigg


Role Name
DIRECTORSarah Brindley
STAGE MANAGERTom Addley-Pickford
LIGHTINGJean Goodwin
SOUNDChetan De Mel
WARDROBEEileen Baker
SET DESIGNERTrine Taraldsvik