• The Way of the World (EdFringe)

The Way of the World (EdFringe)

Production Information

Monday 12 August 2013 to Saturday 17 August 2013 (6 performances)
at theSpace @ Venue 45, 63 Jeffrey Street, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Widely regarded as one of the best Restoration comedies, this sharply written play entwines lovers in a tangled web of plotting, fortune and honour. YAT's energised production follows two lovers as they endeavour to marry against all the odds. But first they must navigate the twists and turns of conspiracy, deception and intrigue, not to mention winning over the tyrannical Lady Wishfort. The ways of their world must be conquered if true love is to win over all.

The Way of the World
by William Congreve

Review by Hannah Clapham-Clark for www.festmag.co.uk (August 2013)

With fans in full waft, wigs coiffured to within an inch of their lives and stockings pulled up high, the stage is truly set for a chaotic romp through the trials and tribulations of classic Georgian romance. It wasn’t easy in those daysheaven forbid you simply just fell in love—as there must, of course, be the requisite number of deceits, whispers in the bushes, trickery and the occasional double bluff. Accordingly, there is no shortage here. 

William Congreve's revered Restoration comedy wastes no time in instigating its onslaught of confusion, and has no sympathy if you get left behind. Pledges and promises are a device to explore themes of virtue and friendship, loyalty and desire, and despite a fairly predictable plot, it’s an enjoyable trip through desire. 

The era is captured with great melodrama and maintains its tone throughout. Barely a second is left silent as the dialogue spits and swerves with fitting exuberance. Some well-defined performances illustrate a natural affinity for the comic moments, working hard to ensure that the density of the script is left light and absurd. 

It’s an ambitious performance which, at times, can’t help but get bogged down with one too many twists and the headache-inducing number of characters involved. Opportunities for more wit and nuance become secondary to complexity and such preoccupations leave the production stilted. Regardless, this is a fun and charming take on a well-trodden style of theatre.


Role Name
MirabellJason Evans
MillamantKarin Carlson
FainallConor Moss
Mrs MarwoodStephanie Wiera
Mrs FainallEmily Moss
Lady WishfortCaroline Bradshaw
Sir WilfulTom Wright
WitwoudJosh Clarke
PetulantMark Williams
WaitwellJack Tidball
FoibleAnjum Dosaj
MincingAnna Carlson
BettyCaroline Gudge
PegAmy Hope
FootmanFrederik Ezekiel
AttendantJohanna Chambers
MessengerHarri Osborne


Role Name
DIRECTORElizabeth Lattimore
Sarah Dowd
LIGHTINGMichael Bishop
WARDROBEEileen Baker
SET DESIGNERElizabeth Lattimore
Sarah Dowd
Jenna Powell
PRODUCERJenna Powell
PHOTOGRAPHYJonathan Constant
Joanna Leppink