• A Tale of Two Cities

A Tale of Two Cities

Production Information

Tuesday 19 March 2002 to Saturday 23 March 2002 (5 performances)
at Hampton Hill Theatre, 90 High Street, Hampton Hill, United Kingdom

A Tale of Two Cities
by Charles Dickens
Adaptation by Mark Fitzgibbons

When Dickens wrote A Tale of Two Cities English inns were experiencing hard times. To improve things, inexpensively produced entertainments were presented in the innyards. In this brilliant adaptation the audience are watching the inn's production of Dickens' masterpiece, therefore the problem of different locations is simply solved and the full life and scope of the characters can be absorbed, stunningly presented in this tour de force for theatrical organizations everywhere. Period 1860s.

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Role Name
Banker 2David Hookings
Charles DarnayChris Murray
CruncherNishantha Gunatunga
Dr ManetteTim Read
Ernest DefargeAdam Green
GaspardBjarne Lyshede
Inn KeeperCheryl Chitty (Stockman)
Jacques 1Trine Taraldsvik
Jacques 2Eirin Compton (Taraldsvik)
Jacques 3Robert Drummer
Jarvis LorryScott O'Brien
JudgeGeraldine Taylor
King of EnglandRuairi Cogger
King of FranceMiles Orru
Lucie ManetteAlice Morgan
Madam DefargeBecky Stoddart
Marquis St EvremondeMichael Bishop
Miss ProssBryony Meteyard
Mr BarsadAndrew Chamberlain
Mr StryverTom Wright
PeasantCatherine Burkill
ProsecutorSarah Stewart
Queen of EnglandAlana Wren (Huson)
Queen of FranceZoe Michael
Sidney CartonMark Wren
VengeanceCarol Summers
WitnessFreya Morrell
Marquis 2David Hookings
Murdered BrotherNishantha Gunatunga
MaidCheryl Chitty (Stockman)
Peasant WomanTrine Taraldsvik
CoachmanRobert Drummer
Refugee 1Geraldine Taylor
Refugee 2Sarah Stewart
ButlerDavid Hookings
GabelleCheryl Chitty (Stockman)
MotherGeraldine Taylor
GuardDavid Hookings
Raped WomanCheryl Chitty (Stockman)
JoeDavid Hookings


Role Name
DIRECTORChristopher Ivey
CO-DIRECTORGeorge Richmond-Scott
STAGE MANAGERLisa Ivey (Morrison)
LIGHTINGDavid Buffham
Andy Vere
Sam Crook
SOUNDNik Rosser
Robin Nurse
Sam Wansborough
WARDROBEEileen Baker
Margaret Williams
Alison Barker
John Ingledew
STAGE COMBATDavid Wheatley