• George Richmond-Scott

George Richmond-Scott


YAT was an extremely important part of my youth and formative years.

I first acted with YAT when I was 12 and they wanted someone younger than the normal age for the Roses of Eyam and the last thing I did I think was A Midsummer Nights Dream directed by Eric Yardley when I was 19. I was working on that same play last week with some students at Lamda where I now teach and was reminded of our production 20 years ago in that church in Kingston.

I feel extremely grateful to Eric and youth action theatre for the wonderful experiences I had, the happy memories I keep and several very dear friendships that have lasted over all those years. I even returned at the age of 26 when I was retraining as a voice coach to try out some exercises with the group and help a little on A Tale of Two Cities.

It inspires me to know that YAT is still going and I will do anything I can to assist in ensuring it survives for the next generation of budding artists.

George joined YAT in 1988