• Ubu Rex

Ubu Rex

Production Information

Tuesday 6 June 2006 to Saturday 10 June 2006 (5 performances)
at The Barn Theatre, West Molesey, Surrey, United Kingdom

Ubu Rex
by Alfred Jarry

Thus Pa Ubu sets us off on a magical, savage and often filthily funny trip through a Macbeth for the Victorian equivalent of the happy slapping generation. With its bad language and schoolboy humour, Alfred Jarry's first and most influential play scandalised Paris in 1896 with its wicked story of Ma and Pa Ubu, two gloriously evil megalomaniacs, who spur each towards regime change in their native Poland. Aided and abetted by his wife, Pa Ubu rises to power by assassinating the King. But even the kingdom is not enough. Having increased his wealth through the execution of his subjects he is finally driven out by the Russian Army and flees. Widely recognised as the first step on the path to absurdism, Dadaism and Artaud's theatre of blood, Jarry takes us on a bizarre and chaotic journey across the landscapes of Macbeth, Don Quixote and Commedia in a weird, wonderful and often vulgar world.

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Role Name
Ma UbuDaisy Lucas
Pa UbuMichael Bishop
Captain MacNureTom Kirkin
TailsMagda Slowinska
HeadsAmy Cherry
Polish ArmyKate Fauset
David Hookings
Polish CaptainTrine Taraldsvik
BearKate Fauset
Bear (Operator)Trine Taraldsvik
RussianSabrina Julie Martin
Jamie Harfield
Robert Drummer
Annie Brett (Adam)
BoleslasStephanie Wiera
BoggerlasRobert Drummer
Boggerlas' MenSabrina Julie Martin
Jamie Harfield
Stephanie Wiera
Annie Brett (Adam)
RenskiDavid Hookings
Michael F.Trine Taraldsvik
LadislasAnnie Brett (Adam)
John SiggurmundKate Fauset
Sea CaptainAnnie Brett (Adam)
StanlislasJamie Harfield
GyronDavid Hookings
EchoSabrina Julie Martin
ShadeJamie Harfield
Tsar AlexisStephanie Wiera
General LaskiKate Fauset
Queen RosamundSabrina Julie Martin
King WencelasJamie Harfield
Jan SobierskiDavid Hookings
JudgesAnnie Brett (Adam)
ConspiratorKate Fauset
Trine Taraldsvik
MessengerAnnie Brett (Adam)
PhynanciersJamie Harfield
Ma's GuardDavid Hookings
NoblesRobert Drummer
RegistrarsStephanie Wiera
PeasantsSabrina Julie Martin
Robert Drummer
Annie Brett (Adam)
Merry ManKate Fauset
Trine Taraldsvik
CounsellorsDavid Hookings
PeopleSabrina Julie Martin
Stephanie Wiera
Annie Brett (Adam)


Role Name
Sarah Stewart
LIGHTINGFlorian Bonte
SOUNDJoseph Olney
WARDROBEEileen Baker