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    Summer 2008 Reading and Auditions

    The first meeting to discuss plans for YAT's Summer 2008 production will be held on Monday 12 May at Collis School, Teddington at 7.30pm and every Monday and Thursday thereafter.

    The play will be directed by ex-YAT member Alice Langrish and performed at The Barn Theatre, in West Molesey during the week beginning Monday 28 July 2008.

    Rehearsals will continue to be held at Collis School on every Thursday and Monday from 7.30pm - 10.00pm unless otherwise announced by Alice. You need to ensure is that you are aged between 16 and 25 and able to attend rehearsals when called.

    Alice writes, "It is my pleasure and delight to be directing the next YAT play, which if all goes according to plan, will be Brecht's "The Good Person of Szechwan". I have chosen this play, because I think it is a lively, entertaining and thought provoking play, reliant on strong ensemble playing. Several of the core themes running through it are: What does it take to be 'good'? Is it possible to be 'good' at all times? And how do you deal with people taking advantage?"

    A little about Alice...

    She was a member of YAT through the nineties and racked up about 15 plays. Alice was lucky enough to go on tour to a mill in the English countryside somewhere, Leipzig and America. Alice was also fortunate enough to take acting further and trained as an actor in Manchester. The one thing she says she discovered is that when acting becomes your profession, you don't do as much acting and that often creativity is lacking. This is why she is so delighted to be re-joining the throng and exploring the colour and magic of "The Good Person".

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