• One Long Dream (Fairytales in the Park 2)

One Long Dream (Fairytales in the Park 2)

Production Information

Sunday 9 August 2009 (3 performances)
at The Terrace Gardens, Richmond upon Thames, Middlesex, United Kingdom

Continuing our summer events in Richmond's Terrace Gardens, the group challenged themselves with producing a play in a week. Written by two members, the group had one week to rehearse, learn their lines, design and create the set, props and costumes. The play followed 'Harry' as he meets classic storybook characters in the Enchanted Forest including Robin Hood, Sleeping Beauty and the Three Bears with fairies, witches, wizards and a dragon thrown in for good measure. One Long Dream was a highly entertaining and funny piece to entertain young and old alike.

"Here you are in the Enchanted Wood,
The home of witches, wizards and Robin Hood.
Beware, this place is not what it seems,
For everything here was created in dreams.
Dark, devilish, mysterious and magic,
Many of the tales appear somewhat tragic.
Happiness will prevail is what I believe,
I’ll keep it that way with the tricks up my sleeve." --- WIZARD

The resulting play was performed three times for passing visitors to the Gardens and raised money for local charity, the Shooting Star Children's Hospice.

One Long Dream (Fairytales in the Park 2)
by Michael Bishop and Stephanie Mott

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Role Name


Role Name
DIRECTORJenna Powell
Sarah Orru (Perkins)
PRODUCERSarah Stewart