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    Spring 2016 :: Tom's Midnight Garden :: Reading/Auditions

    YAT will next meet at Collis School, Teddington from 7.30pm on Monday 25 January 2016 where we will be holding a discussion for our 2016 season. This will be followed by Workshops, Readings and Auditions for our Spring production of Tom's Midnight Garden.

    Adapted for the stage by David Wood
    From the book by Philippa Pearce

    Monday 25 January from 7.30pm - 10pm at Collis School, Teddington
    An opportunity to meet with the YAT Committee and to hear about all our achievements in 2015 and our plans for 2016.

    Tuesday 26 January from 7.30pm - 10pm at Collis School, Teddington
    To warm you up into the world of Tom's Midnight Garden!

    Thursday 28 January from 7.30pm - 10pm at Collis School, Teddington
    An adaptation of Philippa Pearce’s 1950s classic novel of a boy’s nightly voyage to a Victorian past. Quarantined in his Aunt’s and Uncle’s stuffy flat because his brother has measles, Tom is restless and bored. Intrigued by a Grandfather clock, religiously wound by the elderly owner of the house, Mrs. Bartholomew, Tom is startled one night to hear the clock strike thirteen. Slipping out of bed he goes to what in his time is a concrete backyard, only to discover a beautiful Victorian garden of the 1880s. He meets the unhappy orphan, Hatty, who initially is the only person who can see him, and he visits her each night at the same hour, writing enthusiastically to his brother, Peter, about his adventures. But although Tom stays the same exuberant 10-year-old, Hatty grows into a young woman during these visits. Before the story can reach its outcome, Tom has to return to his parents, but the truth is revealed in a touching denouement.


    Monday 1 and Tuesday 2 February from 7.30pm - 10pm at Collis School, Teddington
    Two nights of auditions to give you the best opportunity to take part

    Thursday 4 February from 7.30pm - 10pm at Collis School, Teddington
    We are extremely pleased to confirm that straight from the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of Wendy and Peter Pan, professional actors Mariah Gale (Wendy) and Rhys Rusbatch (Peter Pan) will be coming along to our first full rehearsal to hold a special RSC/Globe-style workshop focusing on developing your character and adults playing children. This is definitely not an evening to be missed! This will be an invaluable part of the process we will be adopting to bring this great story to the Hampton Hill stage. We are also hoping that we will be able to bring in more guest workshop leaders during the rehearsal process to give actors even more invaluable skills and experience.

    Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout February/March from 7.30pm - 10pm mostly at Collis School, Teddington
    These will be flexible depending on people's availability. Bring your diary to the auditions!

    Wednesday 13 - Saturday 16 April at 7.30pm (plus a Saturday matinee at 2.30pm) at Hampton Hill Theatre
    Plans are also in place to start each performance 15 minutes earlier than normal (at 7.30pm) and include a matinee performance on the Saturday so that children from ages 5 and above will be able to enjoy this magical fantasy.

    Click here for the official YAT Facebook audition event

    Tickets for these performances will be on sale mid-March 2016 from www.yat.org.uk/boxoffice

    If you want to take part in this production but may have difficulty attending the auditions then please register your interest by contacting us on 0844 740 1970 or visit our Get in touch page.