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    Summer 2013 :: Confusions & The Way of the World :: Reading/Auditions

    This Summer, YAT will be embarking on two productions. The plan is to give you a chance to read and workshop each play over the next two weeks, before letting you decide which one you want to audition for. Both will be cast during the second week of May and both will be staged in July/August 2013. Further details for each of the plays and the relevant dates are show below.

    By Alan Ayckbourn
    Directed by Mark & Alana Wren

    Monday 22 & Thursday 25 April (Collis School, Fairfax Road, Teddington)
    Tuesday 7 & Thursday 9 May (Collis School, Fairfax Road, Teddington)
    Thursday 18 - Saturday 20 July (Hampton Hill Playhouse, Hampton Hill)

    Confusions is a comedy made up of five short plays that are loosely linked with undertones of human eccentricities and the dilemma of loneliness. In YAT's version, the plays will be set in a living room, a hotel bar, a restaurant, a marquee and 'The Park' Café.

    • Mother Figure (1950s) - A woman, socially isolated for most of the day with her young children, is unable to escape from using baby talk while entertaining her neighbours.
    • Drinking Companion (1960s) - A commercial traveller tries his hand at seduction with either or both of two perfume salesgirls.
    • Between Mouthfuls (1970s) - Two couples eat at separate tables in a restaurant. As a waiter hovers between the tables we hear only the snippets of conversations that he himself does.
    • Gosforth's Fête (1980s) - A social gathering at a local fête goes terribly wrong as an illicit affair is made public in a typically farcical manner.
    • A Talk in The Park (1990s) - Five individuals desperately try to share their woes with their hypocritically non-responsive neighbours.

    Each play is loosely and sometimes explicitly linked by reoccurring characters, but to suggest the longevity of the themes of loneliness and awkward social interactions, each play is set in a different era of time.

    By William Congreve
    Directed by Sarah Dowd & Lizzie Lattimore

    Monday 29 & Tuesday 30 April (Collis School, Fairfax Road, Teddington)
    Tuesday 7 & Thursday 9 May (Collis School, Fairfax Road, Teddington)
    Tuesday 6 - Thursday 8 August (Hampton Hill Playhouse, Hampton Hill)
    Monday 12 - Saturday 17 August (Edinburgh Fringe Festival)

    Widely regarded as one of the best Restoration comedies, this sharply written play entwines lovers in a tangled web of plotting, fortune and honour. YAT's energised production follows two lovers as they endeavour to marry against all the odds. But first they must navigate the twists and turns of conspiracy, deception and intrigue, not to mention winning over the tyrannical Lady Wishfort. The ways of their world must be conquered if true love is to win over all.

    Tickets for both these performances will be on sale later in the year from www.yat.org.uk/boxoffice

    If you want to take part in this production but may have difficulty attending the workshops then please register your interest by contacting us on 0844 740 1970 or visit our Get in touch page.