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    YAT will next meet at the Peter and Paul Centre, Teddington from 7.30pm on Monday 5th September 2022 where we will be holding an introduction evening for our Autumn 2022 production, Dracula.

    Acclaimed poet and playwright Liz Lochhead's Dracula stays refreshingly close to Bram Stoker's classic novel.

    Asked to adapt it by the Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh, she immersed herself in the book. 'After a sleepless night,' she writes in the Introduction, 'my hair was standing on end, what with the mad Renfield in his lunatic asylum eating flies and playing John the Baptist to his coming master… and with Lucy's description of her "dream" of flying with the red-eyed one above the lighthouse at Whitby, and Jonathan's "dream" of the three Vampire Brides' advances upon him and of their being repelled at the last minute by the furious Dracula…

    'This was before I'd even got to the abducted children or "the loving hand" of Lucy's fiancé staking her through the heart… or that shocking bit where, with Mina's newly-wed husband Jonathan asleep in a flushed stupor by her side, Dracula, at her throat, takes his fill of her life's-blood…

    'Still, what really attracted me to the story was Rule One for becoming a vampire-victim: "First of all you have to invite him in."'

    Liz Lochhead's stage adaptation of Dracula was first performed at the Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh, in 1985.

    7:30pm on Mon 5th September 2022
    The Peter and Paul Centre, 4 Church Road, Teddington TW11 8PB

    7:30pm on Tue 6th & Thu 8th September 2022
    The Peter and Paul Centre, 4 Church Road, Teddington TW11 8PB

    Mon, Tue & Thu evenings throughout Sep, Oct & Nov 2022
    From 7.30pm - 10pm
    The Peter and Paul Centre, 4 Church Road, Teddington TW11 8PB

    Wed 9th to Sat 12th November 2022
    Hampton Hill Theatre, 90 High Street, Hampton Hill TW12 1NZ

    We will always try to involve everyone who wants to take part, and newcomers are more than welcome to join us at any time. Membership of YAT is completely free of charge - All you need to do is turn up and complete a simple membership form. If you know of anyone who may be interested in joining, then please pass on a link and encourage them to get in touch. New members should be aged between 16 and 25, have completed their GCSEs, and be able to attend evening rehearsals regularly in Teddington.

    If you want to take part in this production but may have difficulty attending the auditions, then please register your interest by visiting our Get in touch page.