• Sam Clunas

Sam Clunas


I haven't been part of YAT for very long, but I already feel fully involved because of the very warm welcome everyone has shown to me.

As soon as we started work on 'into the woods', which was my first show with YAT, it was abundantly clear how wonderfully diverse the group was. I have seen how it attracts people from all walks of life, regardless of what your skill set may be or social status. That's the best thing about YAT with in the group whenever you have a show, none of that matters, you're working hard with all these fantastic and unique individuals to put on shows that from what I have seen would rival professionals. Hence why I am still astonished and so pleased that there is no subscription fees as it allows talented individuals who perhaps don't come from a wealthy backgrounds to show the world what they are made of. Making it so special to me as it truly holds the idea that the stage isn't for the privileged few who can afford to buy their ways on to it, but rather for everyone who is talented, hard working and show promise.

I was always struggling to understand where my place was and what I wanted to do with my life, and thanks to YAT I now know I want to act and perform as the stage is where I feel most at home. YAT is truly teaching me all of the base level skills I need to make this happen and really helping push forward with my aims, making me more confident as a performer and teaching the most valuable skill of all to be an actor which is SELF MOTIVATION. Once again all this is for FREE, which is so helpful to me as I am saving all the money I am working for to go towards drama school, and YAT is helping me get there.

Sam joined YAT in 2014