• Momo


Production Information

Wednesday 30 July 2003 to Saturday 2 August 2003 (4 performances)
at Hampton Hill Theatre, 90 High Street, Hampton Hill, United Kingdom

"We suck them dry, and we need more and more and more time every day, because there are more and more of us. More and more and more?"

The sinister men in grey have arrived and are slowly taking over the city! Unnoticed and unseen, these shadowy figures are silently stealing time from the unsuspecting citizens. All would be lost if it weren't for a ragged waif-like girl called Momo whose simplicity and honesty holds the key to the city's salvation. But can she stop these soulless, corrupt creatures in time?

MOMO is a fantastical voyage of imagination and adventure based on the best-selling novel by German author Michael Ende. Born in 1929, Ende began life as an actor before turning to writing. His stories have been translated into forty different languages and have sold over twenty million copies worldwide; the best known of which is the 'The Neverending Story'.

by Michael Ende
Adaptation by Andrew Thackeray

Momo is a child with a special gift. She is the only person in the world that can stand the influence of the grey men.

Momo is a truth telling book about life in the modern world, and even if the author uses magic to explain this, it doesn't mean there isn't truth in it. An enchanting read for children and adults alike.

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Role Name
MomoLucy Keeler
Professor HoraMichael Bishop
Guido GuideRuairi Cogger
Beppo RoadsweeperDivyesh Thakerar
Agent #XYQ/384/BTom Wright
Agent #MJG/228/XBea Jennings (Taylor)
Agent #BLW/553/CCamilla Cole
Agent #DXJ/979/TDavid Hookings
NinaSarah Barker
SantinaOctavia Raitt
DollTrine Taraldsvik
MariaDiane Taylor
CassiopeiaSarah Collett
FrancaBethany Dickie
LillianaBea Jennings (Taylor)
YvettaCamilla Cole
FigaroDavid Hookings
InspectorTrine Taraldsvik
ElisaBea Jennings (Taylor)
VillagerAsha Gill
Tom Wright
Camilla Cole
Octavia Raitt
Trine Taraldsvik
Diane Taylor
Sarah Collett
Bethany Dickie
ChildCamilla Cole
Sarah Barker
Asha Gill
Trine Taraldsvik
Sarah Collett
AgentSarah Barker
Octavia Raitt
Trine Taraldsvik
Diane Taylor
Bethany Dickie


Role Name
DIRECTORAndrew Thackeray
Stephen Hogben
Robin Nurse
STAGE MANAGEREirin Compton (Taraldsvik)
Sam Crook
SOUNDCharlie Veale
Laura Galton
WARDROBEEileen Baker
Margaret Williams