Those that make YAT happen
Emma McCarthy (Hitching)
Emma McCarthy (Hitching)



In September 1976 when a friend suggested we go along to try out a drama workshop at YAT I was wary. Drama at my school was in pitifully short supply - it certainly wasn’t an exam option - yet it was all I really wanted to do. What if I wasn’t good enough for YAT? What if I made a fool of myself? Of course I had no cause to worry - I was instantly embraced and encouraged by Eric and the other members of his extraordinary group.

To say that it changed my life is an understatement. It gave me motivation to carry on with my studies as I now had something fun to do in the evenings. It taught me enough about acting to get into drama school and become a professional actor. (And if I hadn’t done that I would never have met my husband or had our children - one of whom has now joined YAT).

It gave me life lessons too numerous to mention. I made friends for life. But most of all it showed me that in a community with a common interest there were no barriers or boundaries. To find somewhere so inclusive, free of any charge, safe, educational and run by people who only want to help others explore and grow is quite exceptional. For this to change in any way would be not only very sad, but also hugely detrimental to those who, like me, needed such a vital group.

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