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Carole Sayers
Carole Sayers



I was in a very unhappy place just before I joined YAT. I was depressed, unhappy I did not want to socialise, life was generally not good.

After hearing about YAT, and going to see one of their productions, I forced myself to that first workshop, and sat and watched as some familiar faces had a wonderful time under Eric's direction of improvisation etc. Eric eventually encouraged me to join in, and although shaking inside with nerves, I was accepted by this wonderful group of people and I started to change my life.

I never looked back, I grew in confidence, adored the Monday evening work shops at Collis school, the camaraderie, the fun, and the wonderful productions.YAT was my world for a number of years, travelling to different countries to enter into drama competitions was fantastic!!

I made such wonderful friends who I am still in touch with many years later. Without it I can only imagine where I may have ended up. YAT was the light and the direction I needed, I loved every second of it and all that it taught me. If it wasn't for Eric's vision, care and concern for young people, there would be many others that would not have gone on to have the enriching and rewarding careers they have today!

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